How do I change my Prize Bond winnings payment option in State Savings Online?

With State Savings Online, you can manage your Prize Bond winnings payment option for sole holdings by selecting a) to automatically reinvest any winnings into new Prize Bonds or b) to transfer winnings into your nominated bank account in State Savings Online 

To change your Prize Bond winnings payment option, do the following:

  • Sign in to your State Savings Online 

  • Go to ‘Profile and Settings’ and select ‘Prize Bond Settings’ under the Profile and Settings menu.

  • Change the toggle switch to Enabled or Disabled for your preferred option

  • Confirm changes

Please note that your selection will apply to sole holdings only. You can manange the Prize Bond winnings payment option for joint holdings by completing the Prize Payment Option form

Note: To avail of prizes being automatically paid into your bank account you will need to first add your bank details to your profile. See 'How do I add my bank account details to State Savings Online?'

Your personal bank account details will be associated with all of your State Savings products including Prize Bonds.

If you have previously provided IBAN details to State Savings the IBAN you provide here will replace the existing details on our records

Please be careful when providing your IBAN as if incorrect details are entered your payment might be delayed, or credited to the wrong account which may result in a financial loss to you.