Why Save With Us?

Ensuring your savings are safe and secure is important. At State Savings your money is placed directly with and protected by the Irish State.

Rest assured

Funds invested in State Savings Fixed Term products and Prize Bonds are placed in the Central Fund of the Exchequer and are used to fund Government expenditure.  They form part of the National Debt of Ireland. The repayment of all State Savings money is a direct and unconditional obligation of the Government of Ireland.

100% protected by the State

All of your savings, no matter how much you save with us, is protected by the State. At State Savings there is no upper limit of the amount protected, and there is no expiry or end date for this protection. 

No fees and tax free savings product options

At State Savings we believe trust is built on transparency. Therefore there are no fees, hidden or otherwise. That includes no transaction charges when you lodge or withdraw your money. We offer attractive tax free savings products.

We have a long history

The Irish public have entrusted their savings with us since 1923, when we first began to sell Savings Certificates. Since then generations of Irish people have continued to save in Savings Certificates, Savings Bonds, and Prize Bonds. Our products are easy to buy online, through Post Offices, by post, and by phone.

Straightforward Savings Products

Savings Ideas

'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.' We have State Savings products to suit you no matter what stage you are at in life's journey.

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If you are already registered with State Savings Online, you may sign in now for fast, easy purchase. Alternatively, if you have purchased a State Savings product since 5th October 2014, or know your State Savings Customer Number (SSCN), you may continue as a guest.