About Us

State Savings is the brand name used by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) to describe the range of savings products offered by the NTMA to personal savers.

When you save with State Savings products you are placing your money directly with the Irish Government.

State Savings money forms part of the National Debt of Ireland and is under the management of the NTMA, on behalf of the Minister for Finance.

The repayment of all State Savings money is a direct, unconditional obligation of the Irish Government.

Repayment of your money includes Principal, Interest and bonus payments if due.

An Post DAC www.anpost.com acts as an agent of the NTMA in relation to the sale and administration of State Savings products (except Prize Bonds).

The Prize Bond Company DAC, a joint venture between An Post DAC www.anpost.com and Fexco www.fexco.com, operates the Prize Bond Scheme on behalf of the NTMA. An Post is responsible for the accounting, marketing and the conduct of the draw, the administration is carried out by Fexco.

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