6 Year | Issue 15

Childcare Plus

It makes sense to plan for your children’s future. Saving your monthly Child Benefit couldn’t be easier with our State Savings Childcare Plus.

  • 3.5% Total Return
  • 0.63% AER
  • Tax Free

Product Highlights

  • Based on 12 monthly contributions reinvested for a further 5 years
  • Direct monthly payment of Child Benefit to Childcare Plus by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • 100% protected by the State
  • Tax free to Irish residents
  • No fees, charges or commissions
  • Fixed rate of return
  • The Childcare Plus product cannot be purchased online


  • Minimum €25 up to maximum €1,000 per month (amounts above maximum €12,000 per annum will be transferred to Childcare Save, a variable interest rate account)
  • Automatic annual renewal offer, with the option  to alter the savings amount
  • Access to your initial investment and any interest earned with 7 days notice
  • To benefit from the full return, you must hold the product to maturity. See terms and conditions for details on the returns if you encash early
  • Terms and conditions apply
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Interest Rates & Returns

Returns based on €1,000 investment following year 1 of 12 monthly contributions

Show yearly returns
TermAERInterestYour Return
Year 10.00%0.00%€1000.00
Year 20.00%0.00%€1000.00
Year 30.10%0.25%€1002.50
Year 40.10%0.35%€1003.50
Year 50.11%0.50%€1005.00
Year 60.63%3.50%€1035.00

Save your monthly Child Benefit with State Savings Childcare Plus

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