Deposit Account - Book Based

Looking for an account with ease of access to your money, why not consider our Book Based Deposit Account.

  • 0.05% Variable
  • 0.05% AER
  • No Fees or Charges

Product Highlights

  • Book based deposit account
  • No fees, charges or commissions
  • Minimum deposit €1
  • Interest earned is subject to Deposit Interest Rate Tax (DIRT) at the prevailing rate
  • This product is not available online
  • Interest is calculated daily and added to your holdings at 31 December each year
  • Additional lodgements can be made at any Post Office or directly by post
  • Up to €3,000 daily limit available on demand at any Post Office.
  • Over €3,000 limit is available subject to 7 days notice
  • The Book Based Account can be operated by an account holder aged 7 years or more without the consent of the child's parent or guardian
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