How do I request a repayment of my State Savings products (including Prize Bonds)?

The repayment of all State Savings money is a direct and unconditional obligation of the Government of Ireland.

Repayments may be made directly to your bank account.

For repayments to your bank account, we will request a copy of your bank statement verifying the account name(s) and IBAN, if not already submitted by you to State Savings.

Prize Bonds repayment

Prize Bonds can be cashed in at any time after an initial holding period of 90 days and transferred directly to your Bank Account.

Simply complete a repayment form available here or at any Post Office and send it with:

  1. the Prize Bond certificate AND
  2. a copy of a bank statement verifying the account name(s) and IBAN to:

State Savings, Prize Bonds, Fexco Centre, Killorglin, FREEPOST, Co. Kerry, V93 WN9T.

Fixed Term State Savings product repayment

A minimum of 10 days before your Savings product matures, we’ll write to you to explain the options available to you, one of which is for a partial or full repayment. At the end of the full term you will be entitled to your full initial investment plus the interest earned over the lifetime of the product. If you choose to redeem a State Savings product before it matures, you will receive your initial investment in full, plus any interest earned for the period.

A repayment can be requested at any point during the lifetime of a savings product. Simply complete the relevant repayment form below (also available at any Post Office) and send it with:

  1. the investment document AND
  2. a copy of a bank statement verifying the account name(s) and IBAN to:

State Savings, GPO, FREEPOST, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2.

Repayment Forms:

IMPORTANT: If requesting repayment to your Bank Account and you have not previously supplied your IBAN details, or you have changed bank account since your previous repayment, you must enclose a copy of an original bank statement header.

Have you changed your address?

If you have changed your address you may complete the Change of Address panel on the back of the Repayment Form or on the back of the Maturity Option Form in the case of a matured Fixed Term Product.

State Savings Online:

State Savings Online offers the facility to repay or reinvest your sole State Savings products. See ‘How do I cash in one of my products in State Savings Online?’ for more information.