What is the State Savings Customer Number (SSCN)?

What is the State Savings Customer Number and where do I find it?
The State Savings Customer Number (SSCN) is your unique Customer Number that identifies you with State Savings and enables you to transact with us easily.
If you are planning to purchase State Savings Fixed Term Products or Prize Bonds, the SSCN will simplify the process for you.  You may use it rather than completing an application form. 

Your SSCN number is 9 digits long, and you may find it printed on correspondence you receive from us. Fixed Term Customers have received SSCN correspondence in the post. The letter provides your SSCN in QR code format.  You’ll recognise it by the pattern of black and white squares arranged in a square grid.

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How do I use my SSCN?
At the Post Office counter simply quote your SSCN or present your QR code to the barcode reader.
Use your SSCN when purchasing online on StateSavings.ie
You may also include your SSCN on any Purchase Application Form.

Please note: your SSCN can only be used for purchases of Fixed Term products and Prize Bonds.  It cannot be used to make withdrawals or the administration of any customer details.  

Do I have a State Savings Customer Number (SSCN) ?
A State Savings Customer Number (SSCN) has been allocated to all State Savings Customers who have;

  1. purchased a State Savings product since 5th October 2014,
  2. provided their Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) plus Evidence of Identity documentation and
  3. agreed to State Savings Terms and Conditions.

To request details of your SSCN, please Contact us, and we will send your SSCN to your Registered Address.

I am a State Savings Customer and purchased prior to 5th October 2014, and haven’t yet received my SSCN?
If you’ve purchased prior to 5th October 2014, Contact us or call us at 1850 30 50 60 / 01 705 7200. Alternatively, complete this Registration Form and return it to us. Please note that you will receive confirmation of your SSCN within ten to fifteen working days of receipt by us of the Registration Form.

Can I purchase Fixed Term products and Prize Bonds at the Post Office counter without my SSCN?
Yes, you can purchase at the Post Office counter using your PPSN or SSCN.
Alternatively you may complete a Purchase Application Form and send it to State Savings for processing.

My SSCN is not being accepted online when I try to purchase? 
Your SSCN number is 9 digits long. Enter the number into the PPSN/ SSCN field without any spaces. If the number you entered is not being accepted, Contact us.

Can we use the SSCN at the Post Office Counter for Joint Purchases?
Both parties must have SSCN to purchase Fixed Term Products or Prize Bonds, without completing an Application Form. If only one party has SSCN, please complete an Application Form.

Why can’t I use my SSCN for Deposit Accounts (Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) Deposits?
The SSCN is for the purchase of Fixed Term products and Prize Bonds only.

I am new to State Savings and don’t own any State Savings products: 
Please complete an application form to purchase your chosen product and present it at any Post Office or send it to State Savings, GPO, FREEPOST, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2, with the required documentation and payment. 

Once your application is fully processed, you will be allocated an SSCN and be registered to make future purchases of State Savings Products online and at the Post Office counter.

What do I do if I’ve lost or forgotten my SSCN?
If you’ve lost your SSCN, Contact us or call us at 1850 30 50 60. You may request a letter confirming your SSCN number to be sent to your Registered Address.