What documentation is required when purchasing a State Savings Product?

You are required to confirm your identity to us (including your surname, first name, date of birth and address) for the administration of your Product(s) and any other State Savings Product(s) that you may hold now or in the future, and associated legal purposes, including compliance with statutory anti-money laundering obligations and account security and fraud prevention.

The following documents must be provided as acceptable proof of identity documents:

Proof of Name

One proof of name document from the following document types (The document must be valid and not expired):

  • Current Passport
  • EU Driving Licence

Proof of Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)

One proof of PPSN document from the following document types:

  • An official letter from Revenue Commissioners
  • An official letter from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
  • A Public Services Card
  • HSE European Health Insurance Card/Drug Payment Card

Proof of Address

One proof of address document from the following document types (The document provided must be issued within the last six months):

  • A recent utility bill (electricity, telephone, gas)
  • A Financial Statement (Bank, Building Society, Credit Union or credit card)
  • An Insurance Policy - current household or motor insurance document (certified or renewal notice) issued in the past 12 months
  • Official documentation issued to you by the Revenue Commissioners or the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection


  1. A document or letter displaying the details of your name, address and PPSN can act as both proof of your PPSN and proof of your address providing the document is dated within the last six months.
  2. Documents (which will be returned to you by post) or certified copies of the document must be provided. What is a certified copy and how do I get my document certified?