What happens if I choose automatic reinvestment of my Prizes in new Prize Bonds?

What is automatic reinvestment?

Automatic reinvestment is one of two Prize Bond winnings payment options available to Prize Bond customers.
It consists of the value of a prize won being automatically reinvested in new Prize Bond numbers in the Bondholder(s)’ name, for inclusion in future draws.
The Bondholder(s) will be notified of the prize by post on receipt of the new bond certificate which will contain the value of the prize and their new bond Numbers.

How do I avail of automatic reinvestment for my Prize Bonds?

Choose a different payment option at any time by completing and returning a Prize Payment Option Form

How will I know if I won?

If you are successful in a prize draw, you will receive your new bond certificate to your registered address together with a 'Winning Leaflet'.

How will I know my winning Bond Number?

If you have chosen automatic reinvestment in new Prize Bonds as your preferred prize payment option you have two options available to find out your winning Bond Number after you receive your new Bond Certificate in the post

  • Avail of the online prize checking facilities on www.statesavings.ie


  • Phone us and quote the account number on the new bond certificate. We may ask additional security questions to verify your identity.

What is a Winning Leaflet?

A Winning Leaflet is enclosed with all new bond certificates and serves as confirmation that the bond certificate is the result of a prize win. The Winning Notice provides information on prize payment methods and how to find winning Bond Numbers.

Why do I not get letter with my winning Bond Number?

In line with cessation of prize cheques in February 2020, Prize Bonds took the opportunity to reduce the amount of post being issued to customers by replacing the prize notification letter with a ‘Winning Leaflet’ enclosed with the new bond certificate.
The introduction of the ‘Winning Leaflet’ reduces the amount of post you receive when you win a prize while still letting you know efficient and sustainable ways of finding your winning Bond Number i.e. our online prize checking facilities and by phoning us.

Do I have to hold Prize Bonds reinvested from Prize Bond winnings for 90 days?

No, Prize Bonds that have been reinvested to purchase new Prize Bonds from a prize win are not subject to be held for a minimum of 90 days. These bonds are eligible for repayment to your bank account once issued.
In order to repay these Prize Bonds please download, complete and return the Prize Bonds Repayment Form with the Bond Certificate.

Do the new Prize Bonds reinvested from Prize Bond winnings count towards my maximum limit?

Prize Bond winnings that are reinvested in new Prize Bonds are exempt from Maximum Holding Limit.

If any investment brings the total product holdings in Prize Bond holdings registered in your name over the Maximum Holding Limit, you will not be allowed to make any additional purchases of the Prize Bonds.

However, you may continue to invest any proceeds of Prize Bond winnings into additional Prize Bonds.

Note: Prize Bond winnings must be reinvested within 30 days of winning to qualify for this exemption.