What are Notifications?

Notifications keep you informed about your State Savings Online service, your State Savings Products and updates we’d like to share with you.
Notifications are categorised as:

  • Account Notifications – these notifications are mandatory and cannot be disabled e.g. Your Annual Statement is now available

  • Alerts – these notifications are specific to activity on your State Savings Online service e.g. Your password has been updated

  • Messages – these notifications are communications from State Savings e.g. New product launching soon

To change your Notifications Settings, do the following

  • Sign in to State Savings Online

  • Select ‘Notifications’ and then ‘Notifications Settings' from the Notifications Menu

  • Change the ‘Alerts’ and ‘Messages’ toggle switches to Enabled or Disabled for your preferred option.

  • Select ‘Confirm’ to confirm changes.