Security of State Savings Online

Security features you'll encounter using State Savings Online:

  • Secure login: Your login details consist of your email address and password. Never disclose these details to anyone either verbally or write it down. State Savings customer support representatives will never request your password.

  • Two-factor Authentication: With State Savings Online there is an additional security step when signing in that requires you to enter a six-digit verification code sent to your mobile phone via text message. This security process is two-factor authentication whereby you are required to provide two different authentication elements to verify your identity when signing in to State Savings Online.
    Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your State Savings Online service. It also helps to reduce the risk from other parties gaining fraudulent access to your State Savings Online service. You will always be asked to verify your sign in on your smartphone each time you sign in. Simply enter the verification code you receive via SMS text message and you’re signed in.

  • Verification code: A verification code is a type of password that is valid for only one use. We will send you a verification code via SMS text message to your registered mobile phone number to verify your identity when you are signing in or to confirm an instruction by you on State Savings Online.
    You do not need to remember this verification code. A new one will be sent by SMS text message each time to confirm an instruction.

State Savings will never contact you by phone requesting your account number(s) or your online login details.

State Savings will never request details of your State Savings holdings by email. Always be wary of emails asking for personal or security details.

State Savings will never ask you to disclose or confirm sensitive, personal or security information, including your password, by email.

We recommend you do not use open public wireless networks such as  coffee shops, hotels, public transport etc. when accessing State Savings Online.