How many prizes are there?

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) sets the variable percentage rate used to calculate the prize fund. Effective from August 2017 this variable percentage rate is set at 0.50% of the total value of Prize Bonds outstanding.

The value of the prize fund is recalculated at the end of every month, in line with the monthly net sales of Prize Bonds.

Approximately 4,500 prizes are awarded each week:

  • €1 MILLION Prize - awarded twice yearly in June and December

  • €50,000  - awarded each week other than when the €1 MILLION prize is awarded

  • € 1,000  - 10 Prizes each week

  • € 500  - 10 Prizes each week

  • € 50   - all other prizes

Note - the number of €50 prizes changes each month in line with changes in the prize fund which is recalculated each month.

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