How do Prize Bonds work?

How do Prize Bonds work?

Prize Bonds are available in units of €6.25. There is a minimum purchase of 4 units costing €25. Prize Bonds are entered into a weekly draw with prizes ranging in value. Weekly prizes range from €50 to €50,000, with a €1m prize twice a year.

Thousands of cash prizes are awarded each week. 

You can choose from two Prize Bond winnings payment options:

1. Prizes can be automatically paid into Bondholder's bank account on provision of bank account details.


2. Prizes may be automatically reinvested in new Prize Bonds, on your behalf, for inclusion in future draws.

Please note:  Where bank details are not provided, your prizes will default to automatic reinvestment in new Prize Bonds on your behalf.

Both options provide customers with quick and easy access to prizes.

Prize Bonds notify all Prize Bond winners by post with a new bond certificate for automatic reinvestment or confirmation letter for prizes paid to bank account. Prize payment method can be chosen when completing a purchase application form or alternatively by completing a Prize Payments Option Form at any time.

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