Can I purchase Prize Bonds as a gift?

Yes. Prize Bonds can be purchased as a gift. Prize Bonds are sold in units of €6.25. There is a minimum purchase of €25 (4 units).

You can purchase online or you can complete the specific Purchase Application Form, this form is also available in any Post Office.

For gift purchases valued €100 or less, the name and address details for both the recipient and the purchaser are required. Only the signature of the purchaser is required.

For a gift purchase in excess of €100, proof of name, address and PPSN are required if not already provided, for the purchaser and the recipient. The signatures of the purchaser and the nominated Parent/Guardian if the recipient is a Minor are also required.

Where a gift purchase of €100 or less brings the gift recipient’s total holdings to more than € 1,000, the gift recipient will be contacted to provide satisfactory Evidence of Identity (if not previously provided) in accordance with Terms and Conditions, prior to the Prize Bond numbers being allocated.

Consent Signature of nominated Parent/Guardian may be required for a Gift Purchase for a Minor (less than 18 years). See 'Can I purchase State Savings Products including Prize Bonds for a Minor (under 18)?'

This purchase is subject to Terms and Conditions.