What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is a security process whereby the user provides two different authentication elements to verify their identity when signing into State Savings Online. Typically, users sign in using only their email address and password. With State Savings Online, there is an additional security step - two-factor authentication - that requires you to enter a six-digit verification code sent to your mobile phone via text message.
Two-factor authentication helps to reduce the risk from other parties gaining fraudulent access to your State Savings Online service. You will always be asked to verify your sign in on your mobile phone each time you sign in or make changes to your profile. Simply enter the verification code you receive via SMS text message and you will be signed in.
What if my mobile phone is lost or broken?
If you still have access to your registered mobile phone number on a new phone, a verification code will be sent to that smartphone enabling you to sign in to your State Savings Online service.
What if I have a new mobile number or I can’t receive SMS for other reasons?
If you do not have access to your registered mobile phone number - your smartphone is lost or stolen or you have a new mobile phone number - please contact the State Savings team to request to change the mobile number registered. You will be unable to sign in to State Savings Online if you cannot access the Verification Code sent to your mobile phone.