Is there any limit on my overall holding of State Savings Products?

A maximum holding limit applies to the current issues of State Savings products as follows:


Maximum Holdings Limit

State Savings product

Per Individual

Per Joint Holding

3 year Savings Bonds
(Issue 18)
€120,000 €240,000
5 year Savings Certificates
(Issue 25)
€120,000 €240,000
10 year National Solidarity Bond (Issue 9) €120,000 €240,000
Prize Bonds €250,000
(40,000 Prize Bonds)
(80,000 Prize Bonds)

Post Office Savings Bank - Deposit Account

€250,000 €500,000

Applications to purchase State Savings products which would cause your cumulative holdings in that product issue to exceed the maximum limit will be refused.

Certain exemptions apply to maximum holding limit, details of which can be found here.