Are there any exemptions from the maximum holding limit?

There is no limit on the value of the current issue of Savings Certificates, Savings Bonds, National Solidarity Bonds (10 Year and 4 Year) or Prize Bonds as a result of:

  • Inheritance (i.e. the transfer to you of a State Savings product upon the death of the holder); and/or
  • Investment of the proceeds of Prize Bond winnings or a maturing State Savings product already held by you.

If any inheritance or any investment of your Prize Bond winnings or your maturing State Savings product brings the total product holdings in the current issue or total Prize Bond holdings registered in your name over the maximum holding limit, you will not be allowed to make any additional purchases of the respective State Savings Product.

However, you can continue to inherit State Savings products and you can continue to invest any proceeds of Prize Bond winnings or maturing State Savings products already held by you.

Note: Prize Bonds must be reinvested within 30 days of winning to qualify for this exemption.