How does the Prize Bond Draw work?

When are the draws?

The Prize Bond draw usually takes place every week and nearly always on a Friday. Details of the next draw are on the Prize Bonds page of our website. The draw results may be available online from 12.30pm and the top eleven prize winning numbers may available at all Post Offices from that afternoon.

How many prizes are there?

The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) sets the variable percentage rate used to calculate the prize fund. Effective from August 2017 this variable percentage rate is set at 0.50% of the total value of Prize Bonds outstanding. The value of the prize fund is recalculated at the end of every month, in line with the monthly net sales of Prize Bonds.
Approximately 5,000 prizes are awarded each week:

  • €1 MILLION Prize - awarded twice yearly in June and December

  • €50,000  - awarded each week other than when the €1 MILLION prize is awarded

  • € 1,000  - 10 Prizes each week

  • € 500  - 10 Prizes each week

  • € 50   - all other prizes

Note - the number of €50 prizes changes each month in line with changes in the prize fund which is recalculated each month.

Is my Prize Bond included in every draw?

A registered Prize Bond is included in every draw until it is encashed. With Prize Bonds you are eligible to win not just once, but every week. Each individual Prize Bond is eligible to win one prize in every draw.

How are Prize Bond winners selected in the weekly draw?

The Prize Bond winners are selected in a computerised draw each week. The numbers are randomly generated by a computer and every draw is observed by an official from the National Treasury Management Agency. The results of every draw are independently analysed to confirm the randomness of the draw.

What is the procedure for the selection of Prize Bonds to be awarded prizes in the draw?

The  Prize  Bond  draw  is  conducted  using  a  computer  based,  software-driven,  random  number  generation  system  (the “system”).

In conducting the draw, the system generates a random series of numbers in the same format as a Prize Bond serial number. If the series of numbers that is generated includes any serial number for Prize Bonds that have already been encashed the system will automatically remove these numbers from the series.

Prizes are awarded to the Prize Bond serial numbers (in descending order of amount) in the order in which the Prize Bond serial numbers were generated.  This means that the highest valued prize is awarded to the first Prize Bond in the series, the second highest valued prize to the second Prize Bond in the series and so on until all prizes are awarded.

A Prize Bond can only win one prize in each weekly draw.

Following the draw, the results of the Prize Bonds draw are published online here and the details of the top eleven prize winning numbers are available at all Post Offices on the same day.

How do I know if I have won a prize?

Prize Bonds notify all Prize Bond winners by post with a new bond certificate for automatic reinvestment or confirmation letter for prizes paid to bank account.
To ensure that you can be notified of any winnings, it is important that you inform us if you change address. Click here to get a Change of Address form or for details on how to change your address on our records please telephone 1850 30 50 60 / 01 705 7200.

To help you track your winnings, you can register your Prize Bond numbers using the Prize Bond Tracker Service.

You can choose from two Prize Bond winnings payment options:

1. Prizes may be automatically paid into Bondholder's bank account on provision of bank account details.


2. If bank details are not provided, your prizes will be automatically reinvested into new Prize Bonds on your behalf for inclusion in future draws. Both options provide customers with quick and easy access to prizes.

Prize payment method can be chosen when completing a purchase application form or alternatively by completing a Prize Payments Option Form at any time.

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