10 Year National Solidarity Bond - Issue 6 

For your long term savings why not consider our State Savings 10 Year National Solidarity Bonds.

Key features:

 16% return on your investment after 10 years (AER 1.50%)

10 year term

Fixed rate of return

Tax Free to Irish residents

No fees, charges or commission

Min purchase €50

Maximum purchase €120,000 per individual per issue

   • €240,000 from 2 persons jointly subject to individual maximum holding.

Annual Statement of Account

Access to your money at any time subject to 7 days notice

Fixed Encashment Bonus is calculated on an annual basis based on the value in the bond on the anniversary date 

Notification of the maturity of National Solidarity Bonds will be issued in advance setting out options for reinvestment in State Savings products or repayment

 Terms and conditions apply.