Childcare Save 

For a convenient regular savings account for the payment of Child Benefit which allows access to your savings why not consider our State Savings Childcare Save Account.

Key features:

Direct payment of Child Benefit to the account each month by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Additional lodgements can be made to the account at any Post Office or directly to State Savings, GPO, FREEPOST, Dublin 1

Variable interest rate – currently 0.15% subject to DIRT at the prevailing rate (Gross AER 0.15%)

No fees, charges or commission

No Maximum savings limit

Regular transaction statement

Access to your money at any time subject to 7 days notice.

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and added to the account at 31 December each year.

 Terms and conditions apply.

Non-resident customer declaration form

If you are non-resident in Ireland you may claim the payment of Interest without the deduction of Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT). Please note you may have a tax liability on this interest in the State in which you currently reside. Your must advise State Savings if you subsequently become an Irish Resident. For Joint accounts all parties must be non-resident to qualify for the DIRT exemption.

Customers aged 65 or over

If you or your spouse are aged 65 or over you may qualify to receive interest on your account DIRT free – see further information on