Why Prize Bonds 

How much can I buy?

Prize Bonds are sold in units of €6.25 each. The minimum purchase in any single transaction is €25. There is maximum holding limit of €250,000 (or €500,000 if a joint holding by two individuals) of Prize Bonds newly registered in your name after 1 November 2015. There is no limit on the holding of Prize Bonds which were registered in your name prior to 1 November 2015 - These Prize Bonds will not be taken into account in any assessment of your overall holding.

Irrespective of the overall value of your holdings of Prize Bonds, you can always inherit Prize Bonds or you can always re-invest your own Prize Bond winnings on condition that you do so within 30 days of winning.

Weekly Draw

The Prize draw will be held, at a minimum, in respect of each week of the calendar year.


In Ireland Prize Bond winnings are not subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) and are exempt from Income Tax, Pay Related Social Insurance and the Universal Social Charge. Prize Bonds are exempt from Capital Gains Tax in Ireland. You may have other tax liabilities depending on your specific circumstances. We would therefore recommend that you consult your Tax Adviser.


The names of Prize Bond winners are not published; nor are they disclosed to anyone other than the winner. You can check your winning numbers on this site which includes the results of the weekly draw. The list of Top 11 Weekly Winning numbers is available from any Post Office.

Cash anytime

You can cash your Prize Bonds in at any time after the minimum holding period of 90 days and you will receive the full face value on your bonds within seven working days.