Prize Bonds 

With Prize Bonds you are eligible to win not just once, but every week - for as long as you hold the bonds.

On 5th October 2014 the National Treasury Management Agency announced a reduction in all State Savings interest rates. The Prize Bond fund rate is now 1.25% - this is the variable rate that will be used to calculate the November 2014 Prize Fund and will continue until further notice.

There will continue to be a €1 Million prize in the last weekly draw of each second month, February, April, June, August, October, and December.

€50,000 awarded each week, other than when the €1 Million prize is awarded.
10 €1,000 prizes.
250 €100 prizes.
Over 6,000 €50 prizes.

Prize Bonds are an integral part of the wider range of NTMA State Savings products offered to retail customers by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA). When you put your money into any NTMA State Savings product you are placing your money directly with the Irish Government. All NTMA State Savings money is under the management of the NTMA. The repayment of all NTMA State Savings money is a direct, unconditional obligation of the Government.